Task Analysis – Improving Employee Productivity

The question is why don’t organizations use task analysis to improve employee productivity, find work bottlenecks and fix them?

Task Analysis is a new trend in Task Management, and involves doing a tops-down analysis instead of a down-up (starting from the company reports and drilling down into each of the employee’s performance analytics, instead of starting with the employee’s work load)

The new trend in task analysis puts an emphasis on three points: tasks, time, and cost.

There are a handful of task analysis software companies that have task analysis solutions that provide a great start, ProcessPolicy.com is one of them.

Software dimensions criss-crossing nearly all lines of task management products include task creation, task visualization, notifications, assign resources, compatibility, configurability, scalability, and reporting

  • Task creation encompasses collaborative capabilities for turning ideas into actions (tasks). Includes activities involved before setting tasks, particularly patterns of collaboration involving planning.
  • Task visualization encompasses presentation of tasks, most often through time and list forms. Priority visualization encompasses classification (e.g., budget, time, stakeholder) and mechanism (e.g., color code or text). Calendaring covers scheduling (e.g., availability, meetings, appointments and other potential conflicts) and notifications.
  • Notifications encompass configurable settings for informing past, present and pending deadlines.
  • Assigning resources encompasses the ability to delegate tasks and tools to single or multiple people.
  • Compatibility encompasses the ability of a task management environment to connect to other systems, software and environments. It includes setting a structure and restrictions on communication going from the task management environment to other software, systems and environments.
  • Configurability encompasses ability to add, remove and manage functionality and usability in task management environments.
  • Scalability encompasses ability to perform a task properly when a change in the quantity of users is done to meet the specific task requirements.

Task analysis reporting encompasses presentation of information by displaying either in tabular or graphical display.
Task Analysis enables you to improve employee productivity and company performance.